Can Diabetics Eat Chocolate?

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We are lucky enough to live in a world with a range of delicious, varied chocolate, including some amazing sugar-free varieties. So can diabetics eat chocolate?

If you have a loved one with diabetes, you may be resigned to never buying them a delicious chocolate gift. After all, diabetics can't eat chocolate — right? Thankfully, it isn’t that straightforward. Not only can diabetics eat certain chocolates, but they can now buy decadent, luxury chocolate — a far cry from the chalky, bitter-tasting chocolate diabetics used to have to eat a few years ago.

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Can Diabetics Eat Chocolate? Introducing Maltitol

Here at the Pod Chocolates, we opt to use a natural sweetener, similar in taste to sugar. This sweetener is known as Maltitol, and it lets us create a range of varied, incredible sugar-free chocolates without compromising on taste or quality. We don’t accept second-best, so to make sure our luxury chocolate is exceptional, we have asked diabetics to test it out and they agree it’s the best sugar-free chocolate on the market.


The Benefits of Eating Chocolate

It’s a good thing diabetics can eat chocolate, as it has several health benefits, including the ability to guard against heart disease, prevent cognitive decline and lower cholesterol levels — as if you needed another excuse to spoil yourself!

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Everything in Moderation — Including Sugar-Free Chocolate

We’re all about chocolates — they’re an incredible gift and each bite should be savoured. However, we believe that quality is much more important than quantity. Like everything good in life, eating sugar-free chocolate is all about moderation. While we’re not suggesting chocolate indulgence should be an everyday activity for someone with diabetes, we also feel they shouldn’t have to miss out on family celebrations such as Easter and Christmas. We also believe they’re deserving of a memorable chocolate gift.


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