Is Dark Chocolate Vegan? The Hunt for Vegan Chocolates

Vegan chocolate: myth or reality? Discover the truth about dark chocolate and how it promises a delicious vegan alternative to milk and white chocolate.

Chocolate, there is no food quite like it. Worshipped by the Aztecs and devoured in vast quantities to this very day, chocolate is a favourite of peoples and cultures the world over.

In fact, we love chocolate so much that the average person consumes over 7,500 chocolate bars in their lifetime.

But there’s a problem.

Chocolate famously has milk in it (or other derivatives), which means it’s not suitable for vegans. Going vegan and adopting the vegan lifestyle is known for its challenges — and for many, a life without chocolate is something that weighs heavily on the decision to go vegan.

Who would ever want to give up chocolate?

However, the idea that vegans can’t enjoy chocolate is a myth perpetuated by the sheer availability of milk chocolate. Just because the majority of chocolate brands are not vegan-friendly doesn’t mean going vegan leaves you without the hope of ever enjoying a mouth-watering bar of chocolate again.

So what’s the answer? For many, the answer lies in dark chocolate.


Is Dark Chocolate Vegan?

Dark chocolate is often vegan-friendly. The higher the quality of the chocolate, the less likely it is to use milk. Look for chocolate that is 50% cocoa or higher. If you don’t enjoy very dark chocolate, you can find products with almonds, hazelnut, ginger and other ingredients.

The addition of other flavours helps to balance the dark chocolate perfectly. Many dark chocolate bars go up to 70% cocoa solids, offering a rich and decadent taste that melts in the mouth.

Think you can’t eat chocolate as a vegan? Think again!


When Is Dark Chocolate Not Vegan?

Dark chocolate isn’t always vegan, which means the label of dark chocolate doesn’t mean the product is safe for you to eat. Always check the ingredients of dark chocolate to make sure it is vegan before you buy or consume it.

You’re looking out for obvious ingredients like milk, condensed milk, butterfat and milk powder, but also any other products derived from animals that may be included in the production process. A key ingredient to look out for is lecithin.

You will find that lecithin can be both plant-based and derived from animal products.

Soya and sunflower lecithin is safe for vegans to consume while normal lecithin is not. If the dark chocolate states that it has lecithin in it — but not soya or sunflower lecithin specifically — we recommend you avoid. Unless, of course, the product explicitly states it is vegan-friendly, in which case this lecithin will be soya or sunflower lecithin.


Where to Find Vegan Dark Chocolate

You don’t need to go hunting around supermarkets for great quality vegan dark chocolates. You can find them right here. The Pod Chocolates sell a wide variety of dark chocolates that you can enjoy, including:

  • Dark Chocolate and Honeycomb
  • Ginger and Lime Dark Chocolate
  • Dark Chocolate and Chilli Flakes
  • Hazelnut and Dark Chocolate
  • 70% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • 54% Dark Chocolate Bar
  • Dark Chocolate and Mint


Are Dark Chocolates the Only Chocolates That Are Vegan-Friendly?

Chocolate, or at least the cocoa and cocoa butter it’s made from, is always vegan. Chocolate in its most basic form is vegan, which is why dark chocolate is almost always vegan too because it’s the closest thing available to natural chocolate. High-quality chocolate of 70% cocoa solids has very few other ingredients added to it.

Chocolate only becomes non-vegan when other ingredients are added, like milk.

But, as all vegans will know, there are many vegan alternatives to cow’s milk, like coconut milk, for example. This means it’s possible to use vegan alternatives to create delectable chocolates.

Going vegan these days doesn’t mean saying goodbye to chocolate at all, it also doesn’t mean eating only dark chocolate if you’re not a fan of its richer, more bitter flavour profile.

There are so many options available!


The Pod Chocolates offers an irresistible variety of vegan chocolates. These include dark chocolates, vegan-friendly milk chocolates and more. Browse our vegan chocolate range today.

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