Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Gift Guide: Keep Valentines Day Ethical

Valentine's Day is just around the corner. It’s hard to buy gifts that are both romantic and thoughtful without buying into the cliche and often wasteful commercial stuff that lines the shelves every year. We’ve put together this Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Gift Guide, to give you some ethical (and delicious) ideas to spoil your loved one, or yourself, that align with ethical and sustainable values.

Valentine's Day Vegan Chocolate Gift Guide

1. Heart-shaped Chocolate Slab

Why? It may be cheesy to some but to old fashioned romantics out there, heart shaped chocolates are a really cute way to say I love you. Try our vegan chocolate slab.

2. Luxury Vegan Chocolate Boxes

Why? For something a little more sophisticated and a little less sweet, try our vegan chocolate collection box. These chocolates come in boxes of 12,24 or 36 and come in classy black and gold packaging, a go-to for anyone looking to make their valentines date swoon.


3. Heart-shaped Chocolate Truffles

Why? Looking for an elegant gift box but with a valentines specific edge? We’ve created our vegan champagne hearts gift box, which contains 12 delicious soft-centred dark chocolates, with a decadent champagne filling. 

4. Fruit and nut collection

Why? It’s a classic flavour for a reason. This is a great option for anyone not sure what their date likes but wants to give a thoughtful gift. Check it out here.


5. Vegan Cherry and Kirsch collection 

Why? Perfect to pair with a bottle of something indulgent, these vegan boozy chocolates are a great addition to valentines drinks - try them with your date. 


6. Vegan Chilli Bar 

Why? Our great taste winning bar is a great option to give something with a little heat this Valentines. Why not add a little spice? 

About the Pod 

At The Pod Chocolates we value quality, originality, compassion, and sustainability. Our vegan range was born out of a need to provide chocolates for family members with different dietary needs. Many years later, we’ve built a family run business committed to creating handmade vegan chocolates with stand out flavours and have received multiple great taste awards! We have made a name for ourselves with our artisanal approach, ethical sourcing, and dedication to delivering a premium chocolate experience. We very much appreciate you sourcing your vegan chocolates with us and supporting the mission. 

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