What Is Handmade Chocolate?

Luxury handmade chocolates in the UK.

What is handmade chocolate? We explore what makes handmade chocolate so special and why it makes a perfect gift.

All chocolate is delicious, but handmade chocolate has that extra edge. There's something undeniably special about it, and that's probably because not much chocolate is truly handmade. What is handmade chocolate, what makes it so delicious and why do handmade chocolates make such a perfect gift?


Every Piece of Chocolate is Different

Handmade chocolates are individually created. No large production lines and industrial machinery is involved, meaning that each and every chocolate is unique in its own way. The chocolates we create — whether they’re vegan chocolate, sugar-free chocolate or handmade truffles — are one of a kind.


Handmade Chocolate Is Made With Particular Care and Attention

While many large companies claim to have “artisan” chocolates, we know that this is not possible. They are made on a massive scale. Things are automated and for the large part, human interaction is completely taken out of the equation. This is necessary when chocolate needs to be made in bulk. While the end result is tasty, it’s certainly not artisan, nor is it handmade. And it definitely lacks that particular quality that makes handmade chocolate so delicious.


Handmade Chocolates Make for the Perfect Gift

What better way to show someone you love them than to buy them a selection of handmade chocolates? It’s easy to head down to the shop and buy manufactured chocolates, all identical and consistent down to the last detail. But with handmade chocolates, you show that you genuinely care — you’ve gone out of our way to think about what your loved one will enjoy.


Handmade Chocolate Offers a Lot of Variety

Everyone deserves to enjoy chocolate — but treating yourself isn't always easy when you have to deal with dietary restrictions (such as veganism) or allergies (such as lactose intolerance). We understand this, and it’s part of the reason we were inspired to create our dairy-free, vegan and sugar-free handmade chocolate ranges.

We offer a huge range to suit anyone's preferences, from cherry and rose chocolate truffles to parma violet chocolate hearts. With handmade chocolate, there’s so much scope for diversity, creativity and fun. Treat yourself with something extra-special today.


Our family-run handmade chocolate business uses Belgian chocolate from ethically and sustainably grown beans. Explore our range of luxurious handmade chocolates.

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