Sugar Free Chocolate

We know what you’re thinking, sugar free or diabetic chocolate is usually cheap tasting, bitter chocolate that makes you wish you hadn’t bothered. Well, with two diabetic, chocoholic members of our team, we needed to make luxury sugar free chocolate for diabetics!

At the Pod Chocolates, we use luxury Belgian chocolate sweetened with Maltitol (a natural sweetener) that has a similar sweetness as sugar. This has let us create a great range of sugar free flavours without compromising on quality. Tried and tested by diabetics, our range truly is amongst the best sugar free chocolate on the market.

Chocolates With a Conscience and Without Compromise

Our chocolate ingredients are ethically sourced and our classic, understated gift boxes and bar cartons are fully recyclable and made from FSC certified board. 

HOT WEATHER UPDATE: When high temperatures are forecast and/ or there is a Meterological Office warning of severe heat we will delay dispatch of orders until the danger passes. If your order is going to be delayed due to climate conditions we will email you to let you know.